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Kids show on the Bandshell!

July 6th 

noon- 1:00 pm


You will love to bring the kiddos to Let Freedom Ring Festival this year!

There are so many things going on all week long! 

From noon-1:00 we'll be on the Bandshell Stage singing fun entertaining songs for kids!

Check out their website for the list of fun things to do on Saturday, July 6th by clicking HERE

Free Monthly Drum Circle on the Campus!

July 16th 6:00 pm

We'll be hosting a free outdoor drum circle on the campus every month.

Come join us & bring your drums if you have some! (If you don't we'll bring extra)
If you've never participated in a drum circle before.. They are very relaxing & an amazing experience.

Mary Ley is very experienced & will be leading the group.
That night is also a gorgeous full moon & the weather should be warm.

In case of rain we'll just move indoors to our "little" home in the Sandstone.
If anyone would like to bring their Native Flutes or any other types of percussion instruments that would be great!

This is a free "for fun" event to get together & have a great experience. We do this every month!

Aireloom Kids Music Class

July 20th 2:00 pm

How do notes put together become a chord?
Find out the answer to all the music questions & more here at Aireloom Music Studio on Saturday, July 20th at 2:00!
We'll be teaching kids all about music in a fun way with Mary Ley & they'll get to use multiple instruments like the piano, guitar, harp, & of course kazoos!
Register by calling us at 815-973-5697
Cost is only $20 per person

Native American Indian Flute (NAIF) Group Class!

July 20th 5:00 pm

We would like to invite you to join us for a very special group class!

As you know, Mary Ley plays & teaches the beautiful Native American Indian Flute. We would like to invite you to join us for a much anticipated group class!

The first 3 people who register for this class receive a 20% discount & an additional free 1/2 hour private lesson at a time of their choosing.

This is a First Hawk cedar flute in the Key of A minor. These are absolutely beautiful & very comfortable & easy to play.

Cost is only $100 & that includes:
-NAIF cedar flute in the key of A minor
-Instruction book
-Instructional DVD
-A fun group lesson that will teach you everything you need to know to get started.

You will take home your Native American Indian Flute, DVD, instruction book & a new appreciation for this music & culture.
**You must pre-register so that we can order your flute for you. The registration deadline is July 10th.**
These are made by Ojibwe Indians & we have a high regard for their culture & traditions. The studio owner, Mary Ley, grew up in upstate New York & has always been very respectful of & honored their culture & traditions.
If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to call us at 815-973-5697. Otherwise you can just click on the ticket link on the event page on Facebook or HERE. This will reserve your spot & we will order your flute.
$4 Square fee applies to online purchases, or you can give us a call & reserve your spot with a check. These are high quality NAIF's & it's our mission to make music affordable for everyone. We want to put an instrument in every hand, & music in every heart.

class isContinued:

Sounds from the silo at sledgehammer's

with Chris Kolling!

July 27th 3:00 pm

We'll be keeping the conversation going with an ongoing discussion "All about the Electric Guitar!"

This time we're switching things up by hanging out with our friends at Sledgehammer's! All ages welcome!

We'll be making some great sounds with the electric guitar, taking one apart to look inside, any thing you want to know just ask!

The electric guitar is not just about the notes..Want to learn the why, how: All about the electric guitar? Ask the expert! Join us on Saturday, July 27th at 3:00 pm & get to know Chris Kolling, our resident #coolestteacher here at Aireloom Music Studio to continue our discussion on the electric guitar!

He’ll be giving a demonstration of various electric guitar sounds based on where you heard it. (So come with a few favorites in mind!) Chris will be using familiar music examples to demonstrate the electric guitar, amp & effects.

We want to give everyone a space to come together & talk about the music. Come join us! We hear he will also be bringing a portion of his guitar collection. Chris has some really cool ones & some quirky ones that show us evidence that shape doesn’t matter.

So come join us, talk about the music, & get to listen to some of your favorite guitar riffs of all time.
No need to bring a guitar & cost is only $10. All ages are welcome!

You can pay when you come! See you there!

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