Aireloom precious plastics

we want to turn your recycling into instruments!

we would like to announce that we've been awarded a grant by the ogle county solid waste management to help tackle the plastics problem in our world today!

Many of you know that this problem has weighed heavily on our minds for years. Many friends in our community have been faithfully donating their washed recycling to us & it's so appreciated! Last year we started experimenting with different in-home ways to mold & make instruments from plastics. While it was very difficult & time consuming, we were encouraged by our results! We started researching ways to make the process more efficient. 

We started looking at Precious Plastic's Workspace & all of the amazing things we could make if only we had these machines! There's a big shredder, compression machine, extruder & injection molder. Together they're able to make all sorts of items from recycled plastic! With this amazing opportunity awarded to us by Ogle County Solid Waste Management, we were able to purchase all the materials needed to make these machines from scratch! While I suppose we could have purchased the machines pre-made.. They are incredibly expensive & the footprint it would create to ship these giant machines would be insane! 

So we're currently in the process of making them from scratch! Things are going really well. We have all the parts & materials so we're confident that they'll be built by the end of this month (August).  After the machines are built, we'll start by shredding plastic & designing molds for some small music instruments & accessories! The molds will be made from recycled aluminum & steel. We'll post pictures up here and on Facebook & Instagram as we go. You can follow our journey & watch us grow literally from scratch! 

please feel free to contact us to see how you can help be a part of this adventure. 

Write to us at Aireloom Music Studio 122 S. Wesley Ave Mt. Morris, IL 61054. We are located on the 3rd floor of Old Sandstone on campus. Our phone number is (815) 973-5697. Email us at or